Week 1 – January 1-7 2012

I learned 2 things this week from my 1st week of “take a picture everyday” challenge. #1 – My life is REALLY not that exciting. Then again, exciting is a relative term. If exciting means: sometimes chaotic, always different, and every often feeling like I’m a little crazy, then maybe my life IS Exciting! 🙂 #2 – A lot of my pictures are taken with my IPOD. Why you ask? Well, because, by the time I would find my camera, turn it on, and take a picture Cole could possibly be sitting on Hannah, or a very happy moment could turn into a total meltdown by an unnamed almost 4 year old. All that to say, enjoy your first installment of Parks Life! 🙂

January 1 - A glimpse of normal life around here

January 2 - "Anti-Afternoon Naps" means finishing said nap on mom while she studies.

January 3 - A much needed date night! We will definitely be visiting this restaurant again.

January 4 - AMAZING that we could spend the afternoon watching the live stream of Passion 2012. Technology is so great!

January 5 - The Shirt says it all!

January 6 - Love mornings with my buddy. He was wearing his "helmet" just like dad.

January 7 - Enjoying Starbucks at the VERY FIRST one in this country. Too bad it's 2.5 hours away from us (maybe that's actually a good thing!).



  1. Way to go for week one of your personal challenge! I think the season your are in may not seem exciting but it so important! Poor love into those babies, your husband and keep learning!! We love you all and miss you. Preston

  2. Jackie–You are darling, and so are those precious babies! Oh my goodness! With your Ipod pics, you’re right in line with a study I heard about last year that said that the most often used camera in the USA right now is the IPhone camera–because it’s always around. So you just keep taking your pics. So cute! Love, Laura

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