Week 3 – January 15-21

I feel like I need to give full disclosure on this post. I almost feel like I’m lying only putting up pictures of our family smiling, laughing and having adventures. While we do have moments of smiling and laughing and we do have fun adventures as a family, this is not what 85% of our lives look like! If you have young kids, you will know how I feel. I really really love my kids. I can’t imagine life without them. And yet, we are in a hard stage of life. I guess that is what happens when you have an almost 4 year old, a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old (This is probably why people tell me we were a little crazy to have our kids so close together!). Please don’t think I don’t enjoy my life, I do! I am beyond blessed and have NOTHING to complain about. But I also don’t want everyone to think we have it all together because I put happy pictures on a blog. I’m finishing up a week being a single parent, and let me tell ya, it wasn’t pretty. I did A LOT of apologizing to my kids, and we watched a lot of tv. All that to say, enjoy the pictures, but let’s keep it real. 🙂

January 15 - Much needed Ice Cream - Day 2 of Jay gone!

Monday January 16 - Besties learning to play together.

Tuesday January 17 - My evenings have gotten that much easier with her on my back.

Wednesday January 18 - The kids brought me "breakfast" in bed.

Thursday January 19 - Happy 6 months Hannah!

Friday January 20 - Fondue and The Help. A REALLY great Girl's Night!

Saturday January 21 - Bath Time. (We don't have one, so we go to Auntie D's for bath time. It's a big deal!)





  1. Love it, Jackie, and your first paragraph was wonderful–real and honest. Hang in there, and know that you are loved from afar! Oh, and I have to tell you how gorgeous the tile is in your house. Every time you post pictures, I admire it.

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