Month: February 2012

Lydia’s Princess Party!

On February 18th, we celebrated Lydia’s 4th Birthday! (Really?! She is 4?!?! I feel like people who have 4 year olds have their stuff more together then I do. Aren’t I still in college and the only thing I am worrying about it is quietly sipping my coffee in a coffee shop while I “study” and wait to see if some boy (JNP) is going to call me?! Anyway…) We decided to do a princess party and Lydia was SO excited! She couldn’t wait to invite friends from school and our neighborhood and I couldn’t wait to throw this party for her. I’m not sure why, but I always get anxious and nervous getting ready for parties. I don’t know if it is the perfectionist in me, or (probably) my pride. And as the week went by, it was like my mind was in a million places of the million things I needed to get done. What I really needed was a big dose of reality and truth and My Heavenly Father was gracious enough to give it to me. What I really needed was this truth: What is my daughter going to think about her party if her mom is running around like a crazy person with a horrible attitude because she is so stressed out?! She is going to think that what her mom is doing for her is a big pain, an inconvenience…NOT a JOY. THAT was the truth of my attitude, and my heart, and it was yucky and I didn’t like it. I am thankful for second chances and for the grace to learn that lesson while my children are young! I never want my children to think that the special things I do for them are an inconvenience or a chore. I desire a joyful (not stressful) heart! I am thankful for lessons learned as I stand at my kitchen sink. (I think that is the place My Father speaks to me!). Anyway, onto the party!!

Food & Friends

Pass the Parcel

Pin the Tiara on the Princess

Decorating Tiaras

Strawberry Princess Cake!

Princesses with their Prince


Week 8 – February 19-25

Sunday February 19 - Happy 7 Months Hannah!

Monday February 20 - Craft time while everyone else naps. I have dreamed of the days I would do crafts WITH my kids, not FOR them, and I think the time is here!

Tuesday February 21. Afternoon Study Time = Watching Cooking Shows. I may only learn cooking vocab, but at least I'm not falling asleep while studying anymore!

Wednesday February 22 - Reading time together! (Poor Cole, we always end up reading Angelina Ballerina!)

Thursday February 23 - The Day my neighbor brought me Crabs. LIttle did she know the Lord was going to bless and encourage me through her generosity! Man I REALLY needed that last week!

Friday February 24 - Celebrating Lydia's Birthday with a Girl's Cupcake date!

Saturday February 25. A lazy Saturday morning. (Followed by a really intense workout wherein I kicked my husbands butt, a girls afternoon ice cream adventure, and a really awesome rugby match with friends and 8 kids under 4. At least the day started calmly!)

Week 7 – February 12 – 18

Saturday February 12 - Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza. Jay says this is his favorite thing I have ever made! Here is the recipe: Pennies on a Platter - Deep Dish Chicago Pizza. It's not exactly the healthiest, but it is YUMMY!

Monday - February 13 - "Look at my magic trick with Daddy!"

Tuesday - February 14. Celebrating Valentines Day with Pink, Heart Pancakes. (They kinda look like Africa, but just pretend, ok?!)

Wednesday - February 15. I found blueberries for the very first time in this country. This little packet costs as much as a whole chicken, but it was worth it to make blueberry waffles for Lydia's birthday!

Thursday February 16. THE PACKAGE CAME!!!! I had ordered a bunch of things for Lydia's birthday party and my mom sent them to me, but nothing has ever made it here in 2 weeks!! It was such a great reminder to me that Our Father even cares about the little things.

Friday February 17 - Lydia's Birthday celebration at school! We had cake and juice and then a huge dance party! There's nothing like dancing with 25 four year olds!

Saturday February 18 - Happy 4th Birthday Lydia Grace! (Don't worry, I'm putting together a whole post just about her party!)

Week 6 – February 5 -11

After a couple days of vacation, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things (anyone with me?!). This week felt a little overwhelming in terms of housework, laundry, etc. I have really gotten used to (and have started finding really relaxing) things like hanging my clothes on the line and washing all of our dishes by hand, but it’s weeks like these where the clothes seem never ending and the dishes constantly pile up that I really miss the conveniences of a dryer and dishwasher. (Hopefully I don’t sound complainy 🙂 just sharing a little of what’s on my mind.)

Sunday February 5 - "Put a Bird on It!" (Anybody seen Portlandia?! Everything is better with a bird on it!)

Monday February 6 - Superbowl Party! We tape the game and then have our big party to watch it Monday night. This year we invited our friends from the UK and France. It was fun to see our American culture through their eyes.

Tuesday February 7 - A Great Trip = LOTS of LAUNDRY!

Wednesday February 8 - A New Bathtub! We didn't have one and our friend was fixing up her house and so she gave us her old one.

Thursday February 9 - The Never-Ending Pile of Dishes...sometimes I really miss my dishwasher...

Friday February 10 - 1st Time in the New Bathtub!

Saturday February 11 - Trying to be Creative without a Michaels. The start of putting together Lydia's Birthday Party!

Week 5 – January 29 – February 4

Sorry this post is so late in coming out! But, better late then never, right? The last part of the week we took an amazing trip to a Gorge in our country. We were so excited to go as a family and take the kids. It was technically a business research trip for Jay, but he was nice enough to let us tag along. Maybe if I get a chance this week, I will do a bonus post with just pictures from that trip. Once we got over the Puke trip there, it was such an amazing place and we stayed in a rustic “castle” as Lydia called it. It was FREEZING without any heat, but worth every second. Part of the joy for me was watching Lydia’s language ability really flourish as she played with a friend there. She was understanding and communicating in a way I have not seen from her before. We are praising our Father for this fruit in her life!

Sunday January 29 - Her "Baby" in her "Bjorn"

Monday January 30 - Picnic in the "Castle/Tree Fort"

Tuesday January 31 - The Kids on Vacation = Chaotic Playdate!

Wednesday February 1 - Family Cuddle Time (How many monkeys jumping on the bed?!)

Thursday February 2 - Washing puke clothes by hand after driving through the mountains. Each kid threw up 2x, which meant that we went through a lot of clothes and the car seats were DISGUSTING!

Friday February 3 - 1st time Climbing!

Saturday February 4 - Lydia says, "This has been the most incredible day of my life!" She helped some villagers plant their wheat and trees and loved every second of it!