Week 5 – January 29 – February 4

Sorry this post is so late in coming out! But, better late then never, right? The last part of the week we took an amazing trip to a Gorge in our country. We were so excited to go as a family and take the kids. It was technically a business research trip for Jay, but he was nice enough to let us tag along. Maybe if I get a chance this week, I will do a bonus post with just pictures from that trip. Once we got over the Puke trip there, it was such an amazing place and we stayed in a rustic “castle” as Lydia called it. It was FREEZING without any heat, but worth every second. Part of the joy for me was watching Lydia’s language ability really flourish as she played with a friend there. She was understanding and communicating in a way I have not seen from her before. We are praising our Father for this fruit in her life!

Sunday January 29 - Her "Baby" in her "Bjorn"

Monday January 30 - Picnic in the "Castle/Tree Fort"

Tuesday January 31 - The Kids on Vacation = Chaotic Playdate!

Wednesday February 1 - Family Cuddle Time (How many monkeys jumping on the bed?!)

Thursday February 2 - Washing puke clothes by hand after driving through the mountains. Each kid threw up 2x, which meant that we went through a lot of clothes and the car seats were DISGUSTING!

Friday February 3 - 1st time Climbing!

Saturday February 4 - Lydia says, "This has been the most incredible day of my life!" She helped some villagers plant their wheat and trees and loved every second of it!



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