Week 6 – February 5 -11

After a couple days of vacation, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things (anyone with me?!). This week felt a little overwhelming in terms of housework, laundry, etc. I have really gotten used to (and have started finding really relaxing) things like hanging my clothes on the line and washing all of our dishes by hand, but it’s weeks like these where the clothes seem never ending and the dishes constantly pile up that I really miss the conveniences of a dryer and dishwasher. (Hopefully I don’t sound complainy 🙂 just sharing a little of what’s on my mind.)

Sunday February 5 - "Put a Bird on It!" (Anybody seen Portlandia?! Everything is better with a bird on it!)

Monday February 6 - Superbowl Party! We tape the game and then have our big party to watch it Monday night. This year we invited our friends from the UK and France. It was fun to see our American culture through their eyes.

Tuesday February 7 - A Great Trip = LOTS of LAUNDRY!

Wednesday February 8 - A New Bathtub! We didn't have one and our friend was fixing up her house and so she gave us her old one.

Thursday February 9 - The Never-Ending Pile of Dishes...sometimes I really miss my dishwasher...

Friday February 10 - 1st Time in the New Bathtub!

Saturday February 11 - Trying to be Creative without a Michaels. The start of putting together Lydia's Birthday Party!


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