Week 7 – February 12 – 18

Saturday February 12 - Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza. Jay says this is his favorite thing I have ever made! Here is the recipe: Pennies on a Platter - Deep Dish Chicago Pizza. It's not exactly the healthiest, but it is YUMMY!

Monday - February 13 - "Look at my magic trick with Daddy!"

Tuesday - February 14. Celebrating Valentines Day with Pink, Heart Pancakes. (They kinda look like Africa, but just pretend, ok?!)

Wednesday - February 15. I found blueberries for the very first time in this country. This little packet costs as much as a whole chicken, but it was worth it to make blueberry waffles for Lydia's birthday!

Thursday February 16. THE PACKAGE CAME!!!! I had ordered a bunch of things for Lydia's birthday party and my mom sent them to me, but nothing has ever made it here in 2 weeks!! It was such a great reminder to me that Our Father even cares about the little things.

Friday February 17 - Lydia's Birthday celebration at school! We had cake and juice and then a huge dance party! There's nothing like dancing with 25 four year olds!

Saturday February 18 - Happy 4th Birthday Lydia Grace! (Don't worry, I'm putting together a whole post just about her party!)


One comment

  1. I’ve been wanting to check out your blog for forever and for many of the same reasons that you’re teetering on the edge of joyful insanity, I only got to it now… no matter! This evening I read EVERY word and enjoyed EVERY photo! Partly because I know your context and some of the challenges of living life in this wild and wonderful place, partly because your family is so dear to us and partly because I’m bursting with my own pregnancy hormones… well, I was nearly in tears over the bathtub photos! Yahoo! Will look forward to pictures from Lydia’s party… wish we could have been there too 🙂 Love you!

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