Week 8 – February 19-25

Sunday February 19 - Happy 7 Months Hannah!

Monday February 20 - Craft time while everyone else naps. I have dreamed of the days I would do crafts WITH my kids, not FOR them, and I think the time is here!

Tuesday February 21. Afternoon Study Time = Watching Cooking Shows. I may only learn cooking vocab, but at least I'm not falling asleep while studying anymore!

Wednesday February 22 - Reading time together! (Poor Cole, we always end up reading Angelina Ballerina!)

Thursday February 23 - The Day my neighbor brought me Crabs. LIttle did she know the Lord was going to bless and encourage me through her generosity! Man I REALLY needed that last week!

Friday February 24 - Celebrating Lydia's Birthday with a Girl's Cupcake date!

Saturday February 25. A lazy Saturday morning. (Followed by a really intense workout wherein I kicked my husbands butt, a girls afternoon ice cream adventure, and a really awesome rugby match with friends and 8 kids under 4. At least the day started calmly!)


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