Month: March 2012

Week 11 – March 11-17

Sunday March 11. We saw a Women's running race on the way to Church!!! Amazing! I'm very impressed they can run in their traditional clothes. Bravo to them!

We were so excited to welcome Jay’s sister Leslie, her husband Stephen, and son Conner to visit us for a week! They were our very first visitors here and we couldn’t wait to show them around our stompin’ grounds! We had a great week together! (Sometimes there are 2 pictures for one day because I just couldn’t decide! 🙂 )

Monday March 12. Pajama Twins! Fun Cousin Time!

Tuesday March 13. Nothing like a guy coming up behind you and putting a snake around your neck for a picture! I think I would have cried!!

Tuesday March 13. We are quite the group!

Wednesday March 14. Shoulder riding time!

Thursday March 15. Family Shot.

Friday March 16. Henna Party!

Friday March 16. Lydia's Henna. She is obsessed with getting Henna! I'm proud of her for sitting still for so long!

Saturday March 17. Girls Natural Spa Night!



Week 10 – March 4 – 10

Sorry for the late posting this week! After getting back from Spain on Tuesday, we had two days of recuperating before we started hosting guests. Spain was a nice time to get away and have some family time. Since we have yet to have a visa (which will hopefully change in the next couple of weeks!), we still have to leave the country every 3 months. We are blessed to be able to fly cheaply (the tickets to Spain cost $25 round-trip!) and our brains and emotions are usually ready for a little bit of downtime, so we are thankful for a government imposed break! 🙂 We were pleasantly surprised to find MILES AND MILES of green-grass and playgrounds in Valencia. This is totally unheard of where we live, so it was a little slice of paradise for the kids to play on a playground and for us to sit on the grass and have a picnic (it’s the little things!). OH and we can’t forget Starbucks! Spain was worth it just for that! 🙂 Anyway…Here is our week in Review!

Sunday - March 4. Fun at a PLAYGROUND!

Monday March 5. Putting our toes in the Mediterranean.

Tuesday March 6. After being up since 3 am, they still have enough energy for Dress Up Silliness!

Wednesday March 7. Someone loves their teething biscuits!

Thursday March 8. Chinese Delivery!! This may change the way I plan my monthly meals! 🙂

Friday March 9. Sweet Sisters.

Saturday March 10. Too bad our kids are really shy... (Just ignore 2 things: #1 - Cole is wearing a skirt, and #2 - I'm letting them put on a "show" on top of the table with shoes on.) 🙂

Week 9 February 25 – March 3

Sunday - February 26. Happy Girl with 2 Teeth!

Monday February 27. Every Morning the kids room looks like this : I think it's time for a new plan!

Tuesday February 28. Haircut day!

Wednesday February 29. Lydia learning her letters. She made a "T" with the floor mats.

Thursday March 1. Haircut Day #2!

Friday March 2. Cole teaching Hannah. He's happy to have someone that will listen to Him!

Saturday March 2. Valencia Spain. Lydia's quote of the trip was, "...And we can buy cereal because it's not expensive!"