Week 10 – March 4 – 10

Sorry for the late posting this week! After getting back from Spain on Tuesday, we had two days of recuperating before we started hosting guests. Spain was a nice time to get away and have some family time. Since we have yet to have a visa (which will hopefully change in the next couple of weeks!), we still have to leave the country every 3 months. We are blessed to be able to fly cheaply (the tickets to Spain cost $25 round-trip!) and our brains and emotions are usually ready for a little bit of downtime, so we are thankful for a government imposed break! 🙂 We were pleasantly surprised to find MILES AND MILES of green-grass and playgrounds in Valencia. This is totally unheard of where we live, so it was a little slice of paradise for the kids to play on a playground and for us to sit on the grass and have a picnic (it’s the little things!). OH and we can’t forget Starbucks! Spain was worth it just for that! 🙂 Anyway…Here is our week in Review!

Sunday - March 4. Fun at a PLAYGROUND!

Monday March 5. Putting our toes in the Mediterranean.

Tuesday March 6. After being up since 3 am, they still have enough energy for Dress Up Silliness!

Wednesday March 7. Someone loves their teething biscuits!

Thursday March 8. Chinese Delivery!! This may change the way I plan my monthly meals! 🙂

Friday March 9. Sweet Sisters.

Saturday March 10. Too bad our kids are really shy... (Just ignore 2 things: #1 - Cole is wearing a skirt, and #2 - I'm letting them put on a "show" on top of the table with shoes on.) 🙂


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