Week 11 – March 11-17

Sunday March 11. We saw a Women's running race on the way to Church!!! Amazing! I'm very impressed they can run in their traditional clothes. Bravo to them!

We were so excited to welcome Jay’s sister Leslie, her husband Stephen, and son Conner to visit us for a week! They were our very first visitors here and we couldn’t wait to show them around our stompin’ grounds! We had a great week together! (Sometimes there are 2 pictures for one day because I just couldn’t decide! 🙂 )

Monday March 12. Pajama Twins! Fun Cousin Time!

Tuesday March 13. Nothing like a guy coming up behind you and putting a snake around your neck for a picture! I think I would have cried!!

Tuesday March 13. We are quite the group!

Wednesday March 14. Shoulder riding time!

Thursday March 15. Family Shot.

Friday March 16. Henna Party!

Friday March 16. Lydia's Henna. She is obsessed with getting Henna! I'm proud of her for sitting still for so long!

Saturday March 17. Girls Natural Spa Night!



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