Week 15. April 8-14

This week was a BIG week for our family! 1st of all, we took the kids camping overnight. We thought we would start with one night to see how everything went. 🙂 We did have a good time, but I think we are realizing that there are very real seasons to life, and maybe this season of life with 3 kids under 4 is not the time to start making camping a regular part of our routine. To be honest, I was getting pretty discouraged with myself thinking about this mom and that mom I know who would JOYFULLY take their young kids camping for many days at a time and absolutely cherish that time. (If you are one of them, that is awesome! And I want to be you when I grow up! :)) But then I had a gentle reminder from the Lord that I am exactly who HE wants me to be, in the exact season HE has called me to be in. So, while I am thankful for the great time we had camping, I’ve pretty much decided that in this season of life, if wherever I’m planning on going is more exhausting then just staying at home…you will probably find me in my house! 🙂 2nd big thing of the week is, we got our Residency Visa approved!!! This is HUGE! We are so thankful because we know some people who have worked on getting a visa for YEARS, so we were expecting a long process. This means 2 things: #1. We don’t have to leave the country every 3 months anymore, and #2. WE CAN BUY A CAR!!!!!!!! It’s hard to believe we have gone this long without a car, but we are thankful for the time of learning that a car is a luxury and not a necessity (here, at least).  So now…onto the week in pictures…

Sunday April 8. He is Risen!! Easter morning cinnamon rolls.

Monday April 9. Lydia's Spring Break included a family camping trip in the mountains. So beautiful and we were thankful to friends who let us use their car!

Tuesday April 10. Lydia's New Friend Rosie.

Wednesday April 11. Mommy and Lydia Couscous date. Thankful for neighbors who randomly bless us with yummy food!

Thursday April 12. Celebrating our Residency Visa with a McDonalds ice cream cone!

Friday April 13. "Baking" with mom.

Saturday April 14. Fun morning at a new play place.



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