Week 16 April 15-21

This was week #2 of Lydia’s spring break, which means it was week #2 of keeping all three kids occupied and not fighting. Can’t say I was totally successful, but we survived. The other thing that exemplified this week was our car hunt. This week does not include a picture of the car, because we were unsuccessful. There are some situations in our life here that remind us that we don’t live in America and trying to buy a car was one of them. Jay went to the car dealership (essentially with cash in hand), picked out the car we wanted and when he went to order it, the salesman said, “Great! It will be here the end of June.” JUNE! He said there were no cars in this whole country, so that is the earliest we could buy one. Craziness!! So, we are still on the car hunt, but I think we have some pretty good leads!

Sunday. April 15. Calm before the storm. A RARE moment of everyone sitting together nicely. 🙂

Monday. April 16. Their new obsession! Spinning each other on the swing. SO THANKFUL for a swing in our backyard!

Tuesday April 17. A gift from a thoughtful husband = A quiet morning to read with coffee and a chocolate croissant.

Wednesday. April 18. Running a 5k at the gym felt good, I just need to learn some Italian so I can know what the buttons say! 🙂

Thursday. April 19. Happy 9 months Hannah! (Where is the time going?!)

Friday April 20. This weather begs us to go outside and play! We need to enjoy it before it gets to 150 degrees!

Saturday April 21. A Lemon Meringue pie with lemons off of our tree. What a luxury to have lemon trees in my yard!


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