Week 17 April 22-28

This week was just a normal week. One high point that stands out for me in particular is finally, after almost 2 years, figuring out how to get my butcher to cut me steaks. Jay really wanted steaks this week for our Friday night date night, so I was determined! I knew that I my new butcher here was good, but he became my new favorite person that day! 🙂 ok…onto the week in pictures!

Sunday April 22. Finding frogs in the river at our Sunday picnic.

Monday April 23. I have NO shame...this is where you can find my children everyday at 5:15 so I can make dinner. (They are usually watching the Fresh Beat Band. It takes me back to my days of watching Kids Incorporated.)

Tuesday April 24. First swim of the season and Hannah's first time in the pool! (She LOVED it!)

Wednesday April 25. Making wedding pictures for Auntie Miriam and Uncle James.

Thursday April 26. Climbing the stairs...are we really baby-proofing already?!

Friday April 27. Thank you Pinterest for THIS skillet chocolate cake and thank you friends from France for the cocoa powder to make this amazing cake!

Saturday April 28. Daddy couldn't work because it was raining, so we had a picnic in the mountains instead!

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