Week 19 May 6-12

This week has actually been one of those weeks you just put somewhere else in your mind and hope not to think about again  (anyone else ever have those weeks?). There were some cute, high points (Saturday!) but it was just one of those weeks. It started on Sunday realizing that my engagement ring was missing (still is) and just continued with having trouble getting money here for our car and the fact that it has been over 100+ degrees everyday. We have lived here for almost 2 years without a car, and while waiting 2 more weeks really isn’t a big deal, it seems like a huge deal since we were looking forward to having it. (I don’t really know why it’s such a big deal b/c I can’t drive it yet anyway since I don’t drive stick shift. Yes, I’m almost 30 and can’t drive a stick shift car!) I’m thankful though, that I know my Father is with me. None of these things caught Him by surprise, and it was actually a good heart check for me of what is really important. Yes, my ring is missing, and we don’t have a car, but I have 3 beautiful, healthy, content in this crazy life children, a husband who loves me, a full life here, and WAY more grace from My Father then I deserve. So, in all that I Give Thanks!

Sunday May 6. SAD DAY realizing my engagement ring is missing.

Monday May 7. The beginning of 100+ days means Iced Coffee ALL day!

Tuesday May 8. We don’t have any “boy” bandaids so I had to draw a truck on a regular one. I love boys!

Wednesday May 9. Finding a HUGE “hopillar” (Cole’s version of grasshopper). Cole was totally enthralled and told EVERYONE who came over about it.

Thursday May 10. This is what you can find me watching every afternoon. If I have to study, and I want to relax at least a little, the best way is to watch TV in Arabic. Especially cooking shows! 🙂

Friday May 11. Her little face just kills me. I want to give her a pill that keeps her at this age forever!

Saturday May 12. Celebrating Mother’s Day a day early with a beautiful picnic. I am a blessed mama.


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