Month: June 2012

Week 22 May 27-June 2

More of Juju’s fun visit!

Sunday May 27. The first one in the Parks Family (including Jay and I) to get a cast. She jumped off a playground, landed wrong and pulled a ligament. They don’t have anything here between nothing and a cast…so a cast it was!

Monday May 28. Time for the Beach!

Tuesday May 29. Jay LOVES having kids to play with in the ocean. (I think this is the day he woke them up from their naps so he could have something to do on the beach besides lay there! What a great dad!) We wrapped Lydia’s cast everyday so she could still enjoy the ocean and she was such a trooper and never once complained!

Wednesday May 30. My crazy fishes!

Thursday May 31. Riding a camel on the beach. So Cool!

Saturday June 2. Taking a Carriage ride around the city!


Week 21 May 20-26

This was the week my mom came for a visit! It was so fun to have her here and the kids are still asking for Juju! I don’t have pictures from the beginning of the week because I was running around getting everything ready for her to come! OH and I spent the first two days of the week learning how to drive stick shift. Yes, I am almost 30 and didn’t know how to drive stick. I’ve almost got it down, but it’s hard to learn how to drive in a place with no rules and no lanes. I will get the hang of it one of these days. Anyway life got really exciting on Wednesday, so that is when the pictures start!

Wednesday May 23. Juju is HERE!

Wednesday May 23. (Full disclosure. This picture was actually taken at the beach, but it’s the first one I took, so I’m putting it in on the day we picked it up!) CAR DAY! Just in time for Juju to come!

Thursday May 24. Showing off our old stompin’ grounds.

Friday May 25. Henna Day!

Saturday May 26. Some of the best friends in the world!

Week 20 May 13-19

This week had a couple of things happening that could make  a person go crazy. #1 – Jay was gone working all week. #2 – Everyday the temperature was about 106 degrees, which meant not a lot of playing outside. #3 – I was preparing for my mom coming the next week. BUT when I think back about that week, it was really fun. We ate a lot of popsicles, watermelon and I drank A LOT of iced coffee (life is so much better with iced coffee!)

Sunday May 13. Learning to play hide and seek. Hannah absolutely loves playing with Cole. I love watching them together!

Monday May 14. This week, everyday was over 100 degrees. Who needs a pool when you can play with the hose?! 🙂

Tuesday May 15. Watermelon. Nature’s Popsicle.

Wednesday May 16. Popsicles got us through the week.

Thursday May 17. My househelper FOUND MY RING in one of the kids coloring books!

Friday May 18. They are starting to work together and really like playing together.

Saturday May 19. Happy 10 months Hannah!