Week 21 May 20-26

This was the week my mom came for a visit! It was so fun to have her here and the kids are still asking for Juju! I don’t have pictures from the beginning of the week because I was running around getting everything ready for her to come! OH and I spent the first two days of the week learning how to drive stick shift. Yes, I am almost 30 and didn’t know how to drive stick. I’ve almost got it down, but it’s hard to learn how to drive in a place with no rules and no lanes. I will get the hang of it one of these days. Anyway life got really exciting on Wednesday, so that is when the pictures start!

Wednesday May 23. Juju is HERE!

Wednesday May 23. (Full disclosure. This picture was actually taken at the beach, but it’s the first one I took, so I’m putting it in on the day we picked it up!) CAR DAY! Just in time for Juju to come!

Thursday May 24. Showing off our old stompin’ grounds.

Friday May 25. Henna Day!

Saturday May 26. Some of the best friends in the world!


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