Month: September 2012

Week 31 July 29-August 4

Sunday July 29. Little buddy with his Bike.

Monday July 30. An Early Morning Visitor.

Tuesday July 31. Bestie Love.

Wednesday August 1. The only place to play that has AC and is open…McDonalds!

Thursday August 2. Sister Time.

Friday August 3. Birthday Celebrations Day. Celebrating being 30 by trying on clothes I would never wear in real life.

Friday August 3. I could not survive without these girls. Beyond Thankful!







Week 30 July 22-28

Family Vacation Week!

With Ramadan starting this week and my 30th birthday, we thought it was the perfect week to get away to the beach and be together as a family. We found this place that we could stay in a little bungalow (with AC!) and be at the waterpark which was also near the beach. Perfect!! It a great way to spend my 30th birthday and the kids had a blast!

Sunday July 22. Breaking the Fast with friends.

Monday July 23. Headed to the Beach on Family Vacation!

Tuesday July 24. A Perfect Afternoon.

Wednesday July 25. The Perfect Birthday with my Crazies!

Thursday July 26. Life lessons from Cole.

Friday July 27. Opening Ceremonies Party!

Saturday July 28. Watching Women’s Handball and every single person on the team including the coach has a last name that ends with “ic”. Couldn’t believe it.







Week 29 July 15-21

Sunday July 15th. Our Favorite coffee EVER! We taught our favorite restaurant to make a Caramel Macchiato. YUM!

Tuesday July 17th. Beach Adventure with Auntie D.

I don’t have pictures of Wednesday the 18th, but I specifically remember what we did and why we have no pictures. I picked up a friend and her two kids, along with my three kids to go play at a park. Well, we got to the park, but since it was already 110 degrees outside at 10AM we couldn’t play because the equipment was too hot. So we tried to go somewhere else (all along the way, in the car with 5 kids, driving on TOTALLY insane roads – dodging horse drawn carts and people and motorcycles and trying to speak Arabic. Let’s just say I’m happy we all survived), but the inside play place we wanted to go to was closed because they changed their times for Ramadan. It OPENED at 9PM and CLOSED at 1:30 AM! Nope..not a nightclub…a play place for kids. Anyway we ended up wandering around a park and trying to stay cool. That is the reason I have no pictures of that day!

Thursday July 19th. Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!


Thursday July 19. Hannah’s Birthday Cake




Week 26 June 24-30

Monday June 25. The day we found a dead bat in our yard.

Tuesday June 26. Treating ourselves to TGIFridays! Yum!

Wednesday June 27. Poor Kids Need a Pool!

Thursday June 28. Waiting for the Pool to Fill up! Thanks for the Birthday Present Gigi & Pawpaw!

Thursday June 28. YEAH! The Pool is ready!

Friday June 29. You know it’s hot when your baby lies on the floor to stay cool!










Week 25 June 17-23

Tuesday June 19. Happy 11months Hannah!

Thursday June 21. “The kitchen disaster/The Lord protected us” Day. Let’s just say we were in a rush to get to Lydia’s school program and I put some beans on the stove and my Pressure Cooker EXPLODED. I mean EVERYWHERE!!!! Ceiling, Floor, Appliances…EVERYWHERE! Black Bean residue on every square inch of my kitchen. I am #1 so thankful no one was in the kitchen, or there would have been very REAL injuries. #2 Amazing friends who come with dinner in hand after a frantic phone call to help me and feed my children while I clean up before the school program.

More Kitchen Disaster Day

More Kitchen Disaster Day

Thursday June 21. My Sweet Girl before her end of the year school program.

Thursday June 21. Getting ready to introduce her class’ show. She was so excited to speak in the microphone. She practiced over and over and over!

Thursday June 21. Proud Mama!

I know I’m missing a lot of pictures from this week, but the main reason is that this is the week my camera died. I got it when Lydia was 6 months old, so I guess I should be glad it lasted as long as it did. So…from this time on most of my pictures are IPOD pics unless a friend was with us who could take pictures for us! (Thankful for friends with nice cameras!) :).







Week 24 June 10-16

Monday June 11. Lydia so proud of her growing basil!

Tuesday June 12. First Piggy Tails.

Wednesday June 13. First time driving by myself to take a friend to the emergency get stitches in her hand. Jen…so proud of how well you handled that!


Friday June 15. Our Favorite Ice Cream place! (Also the day that Cole ate an apricot pit and threw up the rest of the day..OH and Jay I were fighting some really weird eye infection. gross, but tis our life!)

Saturday June 16th. Early Father’s Day Breakfast (Homemade biscuits and gravy with homemade sausage patties)