Week 25 June 17-23

Tuesday June 19. Happy 11months Hannah!

Thursday June 21. “The kitchen disaster/The Lord protected us” Day. Let’s just say we were in a rush to get to Lydia’s school program and I put some beans on the stove and my Pressure Cooker EXPLODED. I mean EVERYWHERE!!!! Ceiling, Floor, Appliances…EVERYWHERE! Black Bean residue on every square inch of my kitchen. I am #1 so thankful no one was in the kitchen, or there would have been very REAL injuries. #2 Amazing friends who come with dinner in hand after a frantic phone call to help me and feed my children while I clean up before the school program.

More Kitchen Disaster Day

More Kitchen Disaster Day

Thursday June 21. My Sweet Girl before her end of the year school program.

Thursday June 21. Getting ready to introduce her class’ show. She was so excited to speak in the microphone. She practiced over and over and over!

Thursday June 21. Proud Mama!

I know I’m missing a lot of pictures from this week, but the main reason is that this is the week my camera died. I got it when Lydia was 6 months old, so I guess I should be glad it lasted as long as it did. So…from this time on most of my pictures are IPOD pics unless a friend was with us who could take pictures for us! (Thankful for friends with nice cameras!) :).








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