Week 29 July 15-21

Sunday July 15th. Our Favorite coffee EVER! We taught our favorite restaurant to make a Caramel Macchiato. YUM!

Tuesday July 17th. Beach Adventure with Auntie D.

I don’t have pictures of Wednesday the 18th, but I specifically remember what we did and why we have no pictures. I picked up a friend and her two kids, along with my three kids to go play at a park. Well, we got to the park, but since it was already 110 degrees outside at 10AM we couldn’t play because the equipment was too hot. So we tried to go somewhere else (all along the way, in the car with 5 kids, driving on TOTALLY insane roads – dodging horse drawn carts and people and motorcycles and trying to speak Arabic. Let’s just say I’m happy we all survived), but the inside play place we wanted to go to was closed because they changed their times for Ramadan. It OPENED at 9PM and CLOSED at 1:30 AM! Nope..not a nightclub…a play place for kids. Anyway we ended up wandering around a park and trying to stay cool. That is the reason I have no pictures of that day!

Thursday July 19th. Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!


Thursday July 19. Hannah’s Birthday Cake





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