How We Roll

People often ask us, “what is it like to travel with three little kids?” Or when we are at the airport, we get MANY looks…some sweet smiles, and some whattheheckareyouthinkingandihopeiamnotonyourplane looks. But to be completely honest, I don’t even really think about it anymore. Since having kids I think we have traveled significantly almost every three months, and so a flight over the ocean feels almost the same as a 2 hr drive to the beach (well, maybe not completely, but I pack the same amount of activities). Jay and I have often gotten on a plane and said to each other, “oh, we really should have packed something for the kids to do.” So when people ask me how we travel with them, my answer is honest, but not always helpful, ” well, if you start out not entertaining them a lot, they won’t expect it and will learn to entertain themselves.” Kinda harsh, huh?!?! But, for us, it has worked. Yes, part of it was just out of necessity ( we don’t have a DVD player in the car and we didn’t have an iPad for them to watch things on) and don’t get me wrong, when those things are available I love the quiet that happens when they are entertained, but I’m thankful that they have had to learn to do nothing well because it makes traveling all the more easy.
I think we have also learned to have tough skin, so when our kids are running around the airport and we look like we have lost control, we can smile at the person staring at us and not worry if they think we are crazy lunatics.
Exhibit A:

Yes, I started a game of asking them to run to the sign and back. It kept them occupied while I was trying to keep one eye on them and one eye on our massive pile of bags by myself.

The absolute worst part of traveling for me is going through security. We are always standing in a massive line and then trying to corral everyone to take their shoes off and sometimes pulling their blanket out of their hands, and breaking down the stroller, but once that 20 minutes is over, I breathe a sigh of relief knowing the worst is usually behind us.

This flight we just took was particularly creepy and awesome. Let me explain. I’ll do creepy first.
Creepy. So as we were getting on the plane 4 Air Marshalls were getting off of our plane carrying masks and vests. No one likes to see that. So, from the beginning of the flight I was almost convinced we weren’t going to make it here. Then, almost all of the flight attendants were teenage looking boys. Weird. They barely do any kind of pre-flight safety stuff, and then without any notice we are taking off. At this point, I’m totally convinced something is wrong. So the plane takes off, yadayada, and I’m taking Hannah to the bathroom for a diaper change when I notice that half of the plane is EMPTY. So between our seats in the middle of the plane and the back seat there is almost no one! And when I get to the back of the plane I realize that there are 4 huge Air Marshall’s surrounding a guy who is Handcuffed!!! Ok, so I decide that while it is pretty unnerving to see a guy handcuffed on your plane, I feel a little better that we are surrounded by guys who could protect us, should anything happen. It was just weird, the whole plane ride, but let’s go to the awesome.
Awesome. 1. The plane ride was only 6.5 hours. Amazing! 2. This was our kids for about 4 hours:

20130921-151641.jpg 20130921-151654.jpg

Empty Seats = Beds for All ( and a little bit of Dramamine never hurt anyone), except for Cole whose dad lovingly made him a bed on the ground. Our motto for the seatbelt sign?!?! If the flight attendant doesn’t say anything, then we are not waking our sleeping children.
So all that to say, we made it, and it was probably the smoothest traveling we have ever done. So thankful!
And last but not least, it always helps to be traveling to a country where car seats are optional because then your kids can ride home from the airport like this:


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  1. Wow, Jackie–my hat is off to y’all!! You are an inspiration 🙂 And I laughed as I read the part about not training your kids to expect lots of entertainment–we have done the exact opposite–and for only a 6 hour flight!!! oops!

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