Fabric Shopping

Jay and I swap stories all the time about how, when we were growing up, our moms would drag us (kicking and screaming) to the fabric store after school. Ok, maybe we weren’t really kicking and screaming, but I KNOW there was a lot of whining and “please please please don’t make us go to JoAnn fabrics again!!!” She probably was only in there for 5 minutes, but I promise it felt like an eternity.

Cue my life now. I have been on a constant hunt for curtains for 2 years. These are the curtains that are currently in our bedroom.

Space curtains…AND they glow in the dark. Can’t get much more romantic. They were left here by the people before who had them in their son’s bedroom. As a non-decorator, curtains stress me out. When I turned 30 I resigned my self and made peace with the fact that decorating and scrap booking stress me out and I don’t need to feel guilty about that. (But, Give me a dinner party for 40 and I will happily cook for days. Man am I thankful we are all built differently.) So that is why it has been a 2 year hunt. And while I am thankful for the 6 ft high tile on every wall in my house ( so that I don’t have to decorate) it makes looking for curtains to “match” kind of a disaster.
So anyway, yesterday afternoon, when the kids got home from school, we (meaning the 3 kids and I) headed out on a fabric shopping adventure. The walk to the fabric store is a good 10-15 minutes from our house, so I bribed them with donuts after the store if they didn’t complain (yep, mother of the year right here). And you would think that if they kids were anything like I was, they would dread going to the fabric store, but not here. Here, the fabric store is a place where my kids are given food and tea and basically babysat for me while I shop. As soon as the 6 men who work at the fabric shop saw us coming, they started saying, “my friend, my friend!”and handed each of my kids a pomegranate to eat. And while I shopped, the kids sat with them, drank tea, ate pomegranates, and then proceeded to climb all over the rolls of fabric ( because we can only really be a civilized family for .3 seconds).
And I sat there watching my kids engage life, I was beyond thankful. Not only that I could shop by myself for a second (which was nice) but that the people here love them and care for them. And while my kids are probably only aware of 30% of language spoken or cultural cues, they are learning to love people and life here in return.

P.S. I did find 2 different fabrics that might work for curtains. Can any of my seriously crafty/decoraty friends weigh in please. (I’m looking at you: Nat, Kelly, Anne) I will not be offended if you say they are all ugly please don’t do it! Remember, I NEED you people to fill in the places I am lacking!

20130926-145103.jpg 20130926-145119.jpg


  1. I know I am not either one of the friends you requested for input on this subject but I would suggest using the second fabric because of how it’s simple and plays off of one color rather thing bringing in a new pattern to a wall of patterned tiles. I wish I had known about this while you all were here and that I had known the colors you had to work with as I would have LOVED to make curtains for you all. Send me measurements and let me know if there’s a prospect of others going to visit you and I will see what I can do :).

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