I’ve gotta be honest, Fall is one of the hardest times for me to live here. There are no such things as pumpkin patches and apple orchards. There is no “Fall feeling in the Air”, crisp cool days and trees turning colors. I have often thought about asking my fruit guy if I could go to his families’ village and pay them to pick apples off of their tree. But that just seems a little silly. So we do what we can with making pumpkin things from scratch and making sure to bring “fally” candles from America. My friends here think we are absolutely crazy to make sweet, cake type things out of pumpkin, as they use it exclusively for savory dishes. And sometimes I think we ARE crazy with the amount of time we spend to make pumpkin puree (but do it! It’s worth it!).

Anyway, we headed up to the mountains this past saturday to visit friends and I declared this our Fall Fun Day! We brought sweatshirts and I wore a brown cardigan and we were going to celebrate Fall by climbing in the mountains.IMG_0031 IMG_0028 IMG_0027 IMG_0025 IMG_0024 IMG_0023 IMG_0021And by the end of the day, it felt like Fall. There were boxes and boxes of apples along the road waiting to be sold and in the air was the sweet smell of just picked apples. Walnuts were laid out on roofs drying out in the sun. And when we left a man handed us a bag FULL of apples and walnuts.

photo (19)



So, yeah, it wasn’t a pumpkin patch fall day. But it was Beautiful and Full and Life-Giving and for Those things, I am continually Thankful.



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  1. Hello Miss Jackie~~ It’s Danielle’s Mom, Bobbi. I somehow just made it to your blog and it is rich with God’s handywork. I loved the entry about Fall, apples and of course the photo’s of your children while hiking. I will be going to an apple orchard tomorrow with a friend of mine who is up from Florida (originally from Maine) just to enjoy a few Fall days….she can relate to your missing the season! Just wanted you to know I was now checking out your blog.

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