Month: November 2013

Keeping It Real

My sweet girl turned into block maniac today.


A lot of times I read blogs and they will tell a story about a hard time they had or how they struggled with their kids, etc. but at the end it is usually tied up in a little bow and they learned a really valuable lesson. (Probably mine included). This is not me today.

I’m just going to be honest and say that this season of life feels like a never ending, scream fest where someone is always crying, whining or fighting and I’m in the kitchen washing my everyday load of pee-soaked sheets and preparing something for my starving son who won’t stop eating.

I’m going on day 2 of being sick and for some reason Hannah chose today to start her first stubborn battle over blocks. Blocks?!?! Why?!? Maybe it was exhaustion, since everyone decided that 5 am was an acceptable time to wake up. Whatever the reason, today is not a victory day. There are just those days.

Jay and I listened to this podcast the other day about courage in the everyday. I knew he was about to reference that podcast today when he saw me crying in the kitchen. And all I could say to him was, “don’t encourage me with that podcast, it’s stupid.” ( it isn’t really, you should listen to it. But all I could muster was honesty at that point.)

Anyway, all that to say. This is where i am today. Hopefully tomorrow will be different, but maybe not. I’m not really sure what I need. Maybe just a little bit of, “my kid does the same thing, all the freaking time.” Or maybe some ideas of how to keep my 4 year old from asking for food every 3 seconds.

But hopefully, maybe there is just a little bit of grace in honesty for that person who is also dragging themselves through today. I’m with ya!


Chicken Mhamar

One thing I love about this place are their celebrations! There is always something to celebrate, and always a reason to get together and eat. Love it!! Actually one of my first memories of living here was a somewhat random invitation to a neighbor’s henna party. Why were they having a henna party?!? No reason at all! Just a way to be together and do something fun. My heart loves that kind of stuff. Celebration is so important.

Anyway, another way they celebrate is with food. Lots and Lots of food. And just like our Thanksgiving, where the food is always the same ( at least the basic, important ones!), each different party or celebration has the same foods associated with it. One of these is a Saboueh. A Saboueh is basically a baby shower, but 7 days after the baby is born, and usually not less then 100 people. We all crowd into a room, greet and congratulate the new mom, and then eat chicken Mhamar and beef and prunes tagine to our hearts contentment. I have always loved going to these parties because these two dishes are probably my most favorite local food. 🙂

So we set off to make so I didn’t have to wait until another party to eat what I love!!

Here are the ingredients:


1 chicken cut into pieces
1 tsp ginger
A bunch of cilantro tied together
4 cloves of garlic, minced
A strand of saffron
1 tsp salt
2 large onions, sliced
Olive oil
1/2 cup water
1/4 of a preserved lemon in slices (use the skin of all the pieces and the inside of just one piece.)
(There is something here called smen that they often use in cooking. It is basically fermented butter, but a tiny bit gives the dish a fuller flavor. I would just use a little bit of butter in place of it. Maybe 1 tbl added in while the chicken is cooking)

So just to give you a little insight into life and cooking here, I have to tell you about cooking with whole chickens. Since I knew I would be cooking with my friend on Thursday, I had to buy the chicken on Wednesday from my chicken guy.


Then I washed it with water and trimmed it up a little and rubbed it with lemon and salt so it could sit in my fridge overnight.


Ok, so now let’s get to cooking!

Put the sliced onions, chicken, spices and water in a pot over medium heat. Allow this to cook until the chicken is tender, about 30 minutes or so.


When the chicken is done. Remove it, leaving the sauce in the pot. Place the chicken in a 9×13 pan. Mix together the softened butter with 1 string of saffron and spread generously over the pieces of chicken.

20131112-144814.jpg 20131112-144829.jpg

Before you put the chicken in the oven to brown, add the preserved lemon pieces to the sauce pot and cook over low heat.


Put the chicken under the broiler until the chicken is browned and crisp.

When the chicken is finished, place in a deep dish and pour the sauce over top.


Full disclosure: this is how we ate this dish after a particularly busy day and single-momming it for days on end.


There is nothing quite like a tagine picnic (on the floor, in front of the tv) and when you all eat out of one pot, there are no dishes to do. AND my kids were so excited to eat a tagine that there was no complaining about dinner (which seems to be a rare occurrence these days!)

A win, all the way around.

Changing the Weather

So, we’ve had a lot of “daddy” away time lately. Usually that means we hunker down, do the daily routine of kids to school, market shopping, visiting and then surviving the last couple of hours before it’s bed time. One of these weeks happened to be while the kids were off of school for the Eid (that I posted about). 5 days, Jay gone, everyone home, and all of their friends were busy and/or traveling for the holiday. I had a minor panic attack and then got to planning our own little getaway.

Jay was biking the coast of this country with my brother and were planning to finish their 3 day trek in a beautiful little coastal town. I encouraged (or actually kinda begged) some friends to come with us and share this beautiful 4 bedroom house I rented for $60 dollars a night (YES $60! We are very blessed to be able to get away for so little!). And we could let the kids enjoy a little time off of school at the beach. There is a really appropriate phrase we use here when we are just getting away:  “changing the weather”. It very appropriately states the feeling when you are doing something or going somewhere to just take a break from the normal! That’s exactly what we needed!

So we went, and we played, and we ate yummy cheeseburgers and we welcomed Jay and my brother back from their awesome bike ride! It was a blast!

IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0044 IMG_0057 IMG_0043