Changing the Weather

So, we’ve had a lot of “daddy” away time lately. Usually that means we hunker down, do the daily routine of kids to school, market shopping, visiting and then surviving the last couple of hours before it’s bed time. One of these weeks happened to be while the kids were off of school for the Eid (that I posted about). 5 days, Jay gone, everyone home, and all of their friends were busy and/or traveling for the holiday. I had a minor panic attack and then got to planning our own little getaway.

Jay was biking the coast of this country with my brother and were planning to finish their 3 day trek in a beautiful little coastal town. I encouraged (or actually kinda begged) some friends to come with us and share this beautiful 4 bedroom house I rented for $60 dollars a night (YES $60! We are very blessed to be able to get away for so little!). And we could let the kids enjoy a little time off of school at the beach. There is a really appropriate phrase we use here when we are just getting away:  “changing the weather”. It very appropriately states the feeling when you are doing something or going somewhere to just take a break from the normal! That’s exactly what we needed!

So we went, and we played, and we ate yummy cheeseburgers and we welcomed Jay and my brother back from their awesome bike ride! It was a blast!

IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0040 IMG_0044 IMG_0057 IMG_0043

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