Keeping It Real

My sweet girl turned into block maniac today.


A lot of times I read blogs and they will tell a story about a hard time they had or how they struggled with their kids, etc. but at the end it is usually tied up in a little bow and they learned a really valuable lesson. (Probably mine included). This is not me today.

I’m just going to be honest and say that this season of life feels like a never ending, scream fest where someone is always crying, whining or fighting and I’m in the kitchen washing my everyday load of pee-soaked sheets and preparing something for my starving son who won’t stop eating.

I’m going on day 2 of being sick and for some reason Hannah chose today to start her first stubborn battle over blocks. Blocks?!?! Why?!? Maybe it was exhaustion, since everyone decided that 5 am was an acceptable time to wake up. Whatever the reason, today is not a victory day. There are just those days.

Jay and I listened to this podcast the other day about courage in the everyday. I knew he was about to reference that podcast today when he saw me crying in the kitchen. And all I could say to him was, “don’t encourage me with that podcast, it’s stupid.” ( it isn’t really, you should listen to it. But all I could muster was honesty at that point.)

Anyway, all that to say. This is where i am today. Hopefully tomorrow will be different, but maybe not. I’m not really sure what I need. Maybe just a little bit of, “my kid does the same thing, all the freaking time.” Or maybe some ideas of how to keep my 4 year old from asking for food every 3 seconds.

But hopefully, maybe there is just a little bit of grace in honesty for that person who is also dragging themselves through today. I’m with ya!



  1. Hi Jackie! So sorry for such a rough day. I can completely relate to those days (apart from living in a foreign country and all that goes with that). Caden is also 4 and he asks for food non stop all day long too. It’s nice to hear that is normal I guess. Sure does drive me crazy at times! I had a similar battle with Lydia a few months ago and I honestly just gave up at the end. It was also to do with picking something up off the floor. 🙂 Hope today is much better for you!

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