New Hidden Treasure

Ever since we moved here, I have found a love for finding hidden treasures. I think it was probably the 2 years we were car-less. Our first of the 2 years we lived in a car-free,  walled city (yes walled – it was pretty cool), and since I had 2 little children and it was an uphill walk to get a taxi outside the walls; I rarely went out (usually once a week). It wasn’t really that big of a deal because everything I really needed I could find in the city – food, cleaning stuff, laundry detergent – the basics. But there were some main things I always stocked up on when I did my 1x a month grocery store run – real butter and  mozzarella cheese  and oats – were the important ones. It did save us a lot of money!

But every once in awhile, as I was shopping inside the walls,  I would spot a “hidden treasure”. A bottle of heinz ketchup, regular (not dijon) mustard, a guy selling mozzarella cheese, some guy selling raspberries. And it felt like I had won the lottery.

So when we moved to a new city and lived across the street from a grocery store, I was still determined to “buy local” and continue to find my “hidden treasures”. It is so much fun and there is so much satisfaction in finding out that the guy that sells honey across the street also sells homemade natural peanut butter! Those kind of things are priceless! And it’s great when you find a hidden treasure and you can share it with the other foreigners (who also think that it is amazing to find canned black beans! It’s the little things, friends!).

Anyway, my newest hidden treasure is probably the most random I have found yet. It’s not a foreign item, and it’s not exactly what it is, but how it is sold.

Trash Bags. I now have a trash bag guy (he also sells laundry detergent by the scoop full). And he sells trash bags by the kilo. Yes, Kilo. He literally grabs handfuls, puts them on the scale until it says 1 kilos. I hand him $1.25 and walk away with who knows how many trash bags.

It’s the little things that make my life random and amazing. 🙂


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