The Jellaba

Real Talk: I hate to get dressed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m am always wearing clothes, but the mental process of choosing what to wear is pretty much the most exhausting thing ever. You mean, I have to feed everyone 3 meals a day, wash clothes, keep the house somewhat presentable AND pick out clothes for myself to wear everyday. Nope, can’t do it! I am miserably failing at my New Years resolution: Wear REAL clothes more often. I decided sometime around January 1st that Yoga pants and Jay’s t-shirt from when he played little league (when he was 12) were not really cutting it for my daily fashion choices. I have really tried to change, but it’s just so dang exhausting for me!

Enter one of my very favorite things about this culture.

The Jellaba



This long dress kind-of thing is probably the one cultural thing I have adopted more then any other. Why?! Because I can WEAR MY PJs ALL DAY. I’m serious. The women here (not all, but most) wear their pajamas all day, and when they need to leave the house they throw on their jellaba, a head covering, a cute pair of shoes, some make-up and they look like a million bucks. (unlike them, I’m usually still rocking the flip-flops and no make-up look) But the whole time, under that beautiful Jellaba, they are wearing their PJs. Amazing. It is really helpful when the temperature is 110 degrees outside and I absolutely cannot stand the idea of throwing on jeans and a cardigan. Need to leave the house in shorts and a tank-top? Not a problem, just throw on the jellaba. Need to answer the door but wearing said shorts/tank top? Not a problem, throw on the jellaba. It’s a miracle dress for me, really. 

I usually get some funny looks and stares, because not many foreigners wear them as regularly as I do (which is ok, because I’m used to it!). But they are probably better at putting clothes on then I am. 🙂


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