Month: November 2014

November Meal Plan

When I moved to this country, I realized pretty quickly that I was completely not in control. Any semblance of control is thrown out the window when you can’t even buy milk from the corner store. So, for the sake of my own sanity, I started planning my meals monthly. Yes, Monthly. It took too much brain power to do this weekly, so in order to survive, I started doing it monthly. If I could sit down, once a month, and plan out SOMETHING (because really, even now, my life is really not planable), I would be able to stay sane. And it has really worked.

When I mention this onceamonth meal planning, I usually get the same 2 reactions: The first one – “Monthly! You are crazy! How do you do that?!?!” followed closely with the second, “Can you PLEASE tell me what you’re making?!?!”. So that was one thing I wanted to do with this blog – share my monthly meal plans.

I need to give you a couple of disclaimers. #1 – My family has been living the vegetarian lifestyle for the past 3 months (another post for another day), so all of my meals are vegetarian (we do eat eggs). Sometimes they are meals I would usually make with meat, but just sub veggies. So just add meat if you want! #2 – I don’t plan out breakfasts or lunches. For breakfast, we usually have oatmeal, yogurt, fruit or bread. Whatever is there. Lunches are usually leftovers, or omelets or PB & J. My kids eat lunch at school, most days, so packed lunches it is, and I eat whatever there is at home. #3 – I really enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, so many times I will have a meal on my calendar that I have never eaten before. So if you try it and it’s gross, don’t blame me! 🙂 #4 – I will try and put some links to recipes that I plan on using. Usually when I plan my meals, I look on pinterest, or if I think of something I want to make, but don’t know how, I will search for a recipe. After a couple of times of making something, I have usually made it my own and don’t use a recipe anymore. So most of my meals won’t have a recipe attached. #5 – Every Sunday night is Pizza/Football night. So that takes care of one day every week I don’t have to plan. #6 – Because of where we live, we don’t eat any pork. SO if you love bacon, pork, ribs, etc…you won’t find that here. 🙂

Anyway – onto my plan! 🙂


As we say here, “Bsaha ou Raha” – “To your health and happiness”!