Lydia’s Princess Party!

On February 18th, we celebrated Lydia’s 4th Birthday! (Really?! She is 4?!?! I feel like people who have 4 year olds have their stuff more together then I do. Aren’t I still in college and the only thing I am worrying about it is quietly sipping my coffee in a coffee shop while I “study” and wait to see if some boy (JNP) is going to call me?! Anyway…) We decided to do a princess party and Lydia was SO excited! She couldn’t wait to invite friends from school and our neighborhood and I couldn’t wait to throw this party for her. I’m not sure why, but I always get anxious and nervous getting ready for parties. I don’t know if it is the perfectionist in me, or (probably) my pride. And as the week went by, it was like my mind was in a million places of the million things I needed to get done. What I really needed was a big dose of reality and truth and My Heavenly Father was gracious enough to give it to me. What I really needed was this truth: What is my daughter going to think about her party if her mom is running around like a crazy person with a horrible attitude because she is so stressed out?! She is going to think that what her mom is doing for her is a big pain, an inconvenience…NOT a JOY. THAT was the truth of my attitude, and my heart, and it was yucky and I didn’t like it. I am thankful for second chances and for the grace to learn that lesson while my children are young! I never want my children to think that the special things I do for them are an inconvenience or a chore. I desire a joyful (not stressful) heart! I am thankful for lessons learned as I stand at my kitchen sink. (I think that is the place My Father speaks to me!). Anyway, onto the party!!

Food & Friends

Pass the Parcel

Pin the Tiara on the Princess

Decorating Tiaras

Strawberry Princess Cake!

Princesses with their Prince


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